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Primary School Principal

LWIS Istanbul is seeking a dynamic, progressive candidate who will honor the LWIS network   innovative, inclusive approach and will ensure the LWIS Istanbul will provide a rich and engaging environment for children and adults. 


The Primary School Principal reports to Project Manager and serves as the instructional leader for grades KG- Grade 5 of the main campus in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul. The Principal is held accountable for aspects of the School, including the administration and supervision of all phases of the instructional program and management of the facility. The Principal provides instructional leadership and possesses administrative and supervisory skills for the educational development of students, as well as, promotes parent and community involvement. 


Preferred Qualifications and characteristics of the new Principal include the following: 

  • Masters in the field of Education 
  • Five or more years as a primary school teacher preferably in the PYP curriculum  
  • Two or more years of experience in an elementary school administrative position (e.g.  Director, Principal or Assistant Principal) 
  • Experience facilitating, overseeing and coordinating PYP curriculum and instruction 
  • An understanding of current research on learning, assessment, and social/emotional needs of children 6-11. 
  • Experience supervising and evaluating primary school faculty and staff 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English 
  • Excellent human relations and communication skills 
  • Competent technology user 
  • Willing to commit to additional hours required beyond the typical school hours 
  • Some Turkish language ability is an asset but is not a requirement 


Main Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Is responsible for the overall achievement, welfare and safety of students within the school. 
  • Provides curricular and instructional leadership by supervising the design and development of academic programs and activities, their implementation, and their evaluation. 
  • Works closely with the school faculty and staff in identifying educational and instructional needs, and in developing plans to improve the instructional process. 
  • Assigns academic, advisory, and administrative tasks. 
  • Evaluates the performance of faculty and staff and provides opportunity for improvement. 
  • Attend required meetings by School Board and keep them informed via Term reports. 
  • Provides for the planning and development of staff training programs. 
  • Develops and implements procedures for the admission of new students and the progress, promotion, and retention of students in line with the school policies. 
  • Promotes and maintains parental and community involvement. 
  • Participates in budget planning activities and develops control procedures.  
  • Confers and consults with parents regarding their children’s school performance, behavior problems, and alternative problem solutions. 
  • Oversees the maintenance and the proper utilization of facilities, in coordination with the Physical Plant. 
  • Reviews, purchases, and allocates instructional supplies, materials, and equipment. 
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with other administrators, employees, parents and members of the community. 

Salary and Benefits  

The salary will be competitive and commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the candidate. Benefits include transportation, health insurance, annual leave, free tuition for school-age dependents, housing accommodations and round-trip ticket (for candidates from outside the country). 


Procedure for Application 

Candidates should submit the following information as a single pdf file to the following email:  


  • A cover letter explaining your strengths and your interest in the Primary School Principal position at LWIS Istanbul  
  • A current résumé  
  • Two letters of reference from supervisors within the last five years  
  • A list of family dependents (if any) including names, ages, and grade level if seeking student enrolment at LWIS Istanbul