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About Us

School Development Consultants (SDC) is committed to bringing learner-centered international education to children, educators and institutions across the Middle East and developing world.

SDC is an education services and consultancy firm based in Lebanon offering its services to schools and educational institutions in Lebanon, and in particular, to the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network.

Since 2014, SDC Offshore has offered similar services to members of the LWIS Network across the Middle East and Africa.

What We Do

SDC Pre-Operational Services

SDC pre-operational services include conducting market studies, developing the school concept, business plan, etc...

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SDC Management Services

School Development Consultants (SDC) can be contracted to fully manage an educational establishment.

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SDC Consultancy and Individual Services

Consultancy and individual services offered by SDC to a client organization may cover any or all the range of services SDC provides under the pre-operational and management phases.

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