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International Education at LWIS

International Education at LWIS

The LWIS Network is committed to providing quality International Education that fosters international and multicultural learning experiences by:
  • Welcoming both nationals and non-nationals and in no way discriminating between people or tolerating prejudice.Embracing all members of the school community and enriching our understanding of cultures by using the diversity of the school population.
  • Learning about all nations and cultures through curricular and co-curricular areas at school.
  • Providing education that allows for international recognition, giving learners the capability to continue their education across different borders.
  • Promoting global peace and well-being through the concept of Peace Education.
  • Recognizing the importance of developing learners into Glocal citizens.

International education through both National and International Curricula

At LWIS, we believe internationalism can be experienced even in schools that follow a national curriculum with predominantly national pupils and staff. While the provision of an international curriculum and school population may facilitate achieving international standards, we believe that the opportunity to experience internationalism is not cultivated only by the curriculum but rather through the provision of an educational system and environment of international-mindedness.

Hence, as well as providing international education through international curricula, some of our schools follow a national curriculum which we modify and embed into our international-minded community providing these learners with exposure to and knowledge of a dual educational system.