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SDC Management Services

SDC Management Services

Service Description

When School Development Consultants (SDC) is contracted to fully manage the educational establishment, SDC becomes responsible for the whole entity and reports to the client organization on a quarterly basis. As such, SDC becomes the executive body responsible for all aspects of decision-making within the educational establishment.

In this situation, School Development Consultants (SDC) will be responsible for the following tasks listed herewith under the different dimensions of the entity:

1 - Mission and Strategy

With great consideration to the local culture and geographic location of the educational establishment, School Development Consultants (SDC) will design and redesign the educational establishment’s mission, strategy, vision and objectives.

2 - Refinement of Processes and Procedures

School Development Consultants (SDC) will refine the operations manual, handbooks, and policies and procedures according to the educational establishment's needs, involving all the new establishment’s constituencies (management, teachers, parents, students, etc.).

3 - Recruitment and Training of Staff and Management

School Development Consultants (SDC) will screen, recruit, renew, terminate and train all educational establishment personnel including but not limited to the Principal/Provost, the middle management, the teachers/professors and the support staff, with the exception of the auditor/auditing firm to be appointed by the client unless otherwise specified by the client.

4 - Continuous Development of Teaching and Learning

School Development Consultants (SDC) will employ the best practices in teaching and E-learning available throughout the international educational community. SDC will ensure the use of individualized teaching and learning in order to nurture students’ multiple intelligences and to accommodate their learning styles; hence, SDC will advocate the use of digitally supported, active and cooperative learning through the comprehensive use of electronic books (off and online) resources and specialized websites.

5 - Standardization of Physical Plant Safety and Security

School Development Consultants (SDC) will ensure the specifications of the premises meet international standards to ensure the environment is safe, secure and conducive to learning. SDC will also establish and follow up on maintenance standards to ensure ongoing logistical readiness.

6 - Financial/Budget Planning and Control

School Development Consultants (SDC) will design and supervise all educational establishment financial plans in close conjunction with the delegated auditor provided by the client organization. Development and operational budgets will be recommended by SDC through the auditor for client approval.

7 - Public Relations and Marketing

School Development Consultants (SDC) will design and oversee local and International marketing plans, targeting prospective constituencies in the community.

8 - Quality Control

School Development Consultants (SDC) will implement tailor-made quality control systems including staff evaluations, a self-assessment for the educational establishment as a whole and an overall assessment of the school conducted by SDC consultants. SDC will develop strategic improvement plans based on the needs assessment findings and conduct training for all educational establishment personnel on implementation procedures.

9 - Accreditation and/or Inspection

School Development Consultants (SDC) will prepare the educational establishment for accreditation and/or inspection and train all educational establishment personnel for that purpose.

Management Fees

For full management, the fees are dependent on educational establishment size and particular features.