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SDC Pre-Operational Services

SDC Pre-Operational Services

Service Description

SDC pre-operational services include the following:

1 - Market Study, Concept and Business Plan Development

  1. Conducting a needs assessment of the market. The collection and analysis of this data will identify the market parameters.
  2. Developing a profile of the market need and the target customer.
  3. Defining/redefining the concept of the educational establishment including its mission, vision, strategies and distinguishing features. SDC manages the LWIS network of schools. For information on the concept of the LWIS network of schools, see Appendix 1.
  4. Outlining/Preparing the legal requisites and necessary licensing/relicensing procedures, forms and literature required for a new establishment/redirected establishment and submitting them to the relevant authorities.
  5. Establishing the preliminary framework for accreditation/inspection readiness.
  6. Establishing internationally recognized specifications for the educational establishment premises as well as all school furniture, equipment and resources including provision for physically disabled and special needs students.
  7. Recommending/Establishing a phasing scheme for starting the educational establishment/repositioning the educational establishment in terms of building as well as sections (Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, Senior School, etc.).
  8. Outlining the business plan of such a project including initial investment, tuition fees, income, salaries, benefits and other operational cost for the first five years of operation.
  9. Assisting with the soliciting of grants for the educational establishment.
  10. Defining the role of SDC in launching/managing this project.

2 - Image and Promotion

  1. Suggesting a launching/marketing plan for the educational establishment.
  2. Providing specifications for logos, correspondence material and all other school templates.
  3. Developing marketing and promotional programs (literature for brochures, website, etc.).
  4. Devising an overall enrolment management plan.

3 - School Manuals, Operating Systems and Forms

  1. Producing literature, operating manuals and policies for the Governing Board, the Management Team, staff, students and parents.
  2. Setting reporting mechanisms (organizational charts, communication charts and job descriptions).
  3. Recommending an appropriate digitalized school management system that will include all the necessary requirements and specifications for a digitalized operation for registration, tuition, recruitment, salaries, any related financial report, scheduling, e-learning, reporting, staff appraisal and evaluation, etc.

4 - Personnel Standards and Employment Procedures

  1. Setting recruitment standards for all educational establishment employees.
  2. Establishing screening and selection procedures for prospective candidates.
  3. Designing salary scales and compensation packages.
  4. Developing other documents; i.e. contracts, interview forms, etc.

5 - Curriculum Design and Digitally Supported Programs of Study

School Development Consultants (SDC) will plan and design the educational establishment’s digitally supported international curriculum framework, providing the appropriate modifications for students in line with government regulations in the country of operation. The curriculum framework design will satisfy the core curriculum required by most major college-bound degrees and will establish the benchmarks and standards per class for every subject on offer. It will also outline the special needs program parameters for challenged and gifted students to be integrated into the mainstream.

Accordingly SDC will be:

  1. Designing/obtaining an up to date academic curriculum framework that integrates the use of information technology in the classroom in addition to personal and social education designed along lines of the school’s values.
  2. Identifying academic material, curricular software and supplementary materials.
  3. Setting student affairs policies to deal with academic, personal, social and career counseling, remedial academic programs, special needs programs, health services, financial aid and other extra-curricular activities.
  4. Designing a parent involvement program that will support the students’ overall learning process.
  5. Adopting international standardized assessments to ensure quality of measured academic progress.

6 - Evaluation Systems

School Development Consultants (SDC) will establish monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure that the educational establishment is achieving its objectives efficiently by way of establishing a complete evaluation system.

Accordingly SDC will be:

  1. Establishing criteria for student selection and placement.
  2. Providing valid and reliable testing instruments for admission and learning diagnostic purposes.
  3. Designing an appraisal system to measure teacher and administrator performance.
  4. Designing a comprehensive educational establishment self-assessment tool that addresses all major areas including guiding statements, governance and management, teaching and learning, safety and security, operating systems, student support services and community relations.

Pre-Operational Fees & Time Frame

The exact total cost and time frame will be conveyed to the client as part of SDC’s initial report on project potential. The full range of pre-operational services is usually delivered within a timeframe of 9 to 12 months from contract signature.
The annual fees for the LWIS license are inclusive of the rights and responsibilities associated with membership in the LWIS network managed by SDC entitling the client to benefit from all programs, curricula and operational systems developed by the LWIS network of schools.

Other Potential Services

Should the client organization ultimately opt for SDC to operate the educational establishment on its behalf, or continue with it in a consulting capacity (providing online support and on-site management, management and teacher training), additional fees for each of the options will be dependent on educational establishment size, tuition fees, and number of visit days per year.